A way to present your company like you have never seen before. Interaction and choice are key to ensuring maximum impact on your customers.


The Digital Company Presenter will allow you to show the characteristics of your company in a completely new way. Large interactive display terminals (42 “- 50” touch screens) guarantee your customers’ attention to your products and services.

ntuitively, your clients will access your company’s services and information, redesigning the concept of communication as we understand it today. DLSYSTEM puts at your disposal all its experience in the creation and management of interactive content on corporate channels. The highest quality in the creation of content, guarantees the ideal showcase for your company. Your POE is permanently connected to our administration center via the internet. Update your content as often as you like and know precisely what information and when it is consulted by your customers. And rest … 

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The Interactive Digital Network is the new way to approach communication with your audience as you have never seen before. Forget about the classic passive content playback systems. Interaction, choice, is the key to ensuring maximum impact.


Autonomous large-size display terminals (40 ″, 50 ″,… flat touch screens or not) guarantee their usefulness as multimedia billboards (video Wall). This is the technological revolution that allows us to redesign the concept of communication as we understand it today.


In a totally intuitive way, your audience will access services, complementary information and personalized advertising. All the functionality of the network, in a much more attractive format anywhere, at any time.

As an audiovisual tool, the Interactive Digital Network can function as general information about the Event (topics, schedules, seminars, lectures …), information about the environment (location map, entertainment, restaurants …) current information (News, Weather), games interactive (in this way the customer is shown the information they want to capture, apart from having a participatory role in them).


Get the maximum attention for your advertising impacts by accessing additional information on demand. Capture the interest of your customers through interactive promotions. A new and revolutionary form of communication that builds customer loyalty, allowing them to access the information you want, that which is useful to make your investment profitable.


We redesigned the concept of the classic billboard to turn your commercial infrastructure into a point of access to your content, 24 hours a day. Enter the era of tactile communication. Enter the era of the Interactive Digital Network.

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DLSYSTEM monitors correct operation from all its terminals.