Digital Poster

It is a system that allows you to view the posters of an event or congress in a simple, attractive and above all interactive and highly versatile way, plus the advantage of not taking up almost any space compared to traditional posters.

It consists of a large-format (55 ”) 4K vertical screen with a touch system to access information in an original design cabinet.

A state-of-the-art multimedia player controls the information and reproduces it with great brilliance and speed. Gesture control to access information.

The programming makes all the congress posters accessible by tapping on the screen. The poster is quickly selected by a search engine with a simple touch on the screen.

With E-posters (electronic posters) printing problems, transfers, with the inevitable wrinkles, … or errors that could not be corrected after printing, are avoided. We also have the possibility of including videos associated with the poster, showing the corresponding surgical or exploration technique in the case of medical congresses, or an associated video to reinforce the work carried out.

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