Recording of

Recording of surgical interventions of all specialties, as well as explorations, endoscopies, …Our cameras and supports allow you to perfectly visualize even the most difficult fields, such as digestive, cardiac, spine, …

We use mixers and effects so that several planes can be selected at the same time, and even several simultaneous operating rooms.

We have more than 25 years of experience in live broadcasting of surgical procedures, as well as satellite and IP broadcasts.

Watch Video

Video projection on a giant screen.

Retransmission of surgeries and explorations to the auditorium. Public address. Simultaneous translation.

All the necessary infrastructure to carry out courses, congresses, meetings …

Likewise, we prepare your presentation by computer to be up to date in your course or congress.


PowerPoint presentations, computer slides

all the material that you you need in the format you request.

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